Contending Voices, Volume I: To 1877

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This unique format promotes critical thinking and engages students in enlightening historical debates. Thinking Through the Past: Volume 1, Edition 5.

xn----7sbbfgc7eemfc.xn--j1amh/cli/map16.php This reader for U. The careful organization and the context provided in each chapter make the material accessible, thereby assisting instructors in engaging their students in analysis and discussion.

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  • Contending Voices: Biographical Explorations of the American Past, Volume I: To 1877.

The paired biographies in the text are followed by a set of four to six related primary sources, many in the individuals' own voices; a Questions to Consider section; and an annotated bibliography. This unique format promotes critical thinking and engages students in historical debates. The Ordeal of Reconstruction Reconstruction: An Unfinished Revolution Primary Sources: Testimony of Workingmen Is What We Are Losing" Why We Struck at Pullman Colored Workmen and a Strike Women Make Demands Work in a Garment Factory Gainful Workers by Age, Breaker Boys The Dawes Act Cheyennes Try Farming ca.

A Sioux Recalls Severalty ca.

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Contending Voices, Volume I: To [John Hollitz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Each chapter in CONTENDING VOICES examines . Each chapter in CONTENDING VOICES examines the lives of two individuals, some of them familiar historical figures and some of them lesser known, who took .

Supervised Indian Land Holdings by State, A Proposal for Indian Education The Education of Indian Students at Carlisle Luther Standing Bear Recalls Carlisle Wohaw's Self-Portrait Taking an Indian Child to School Percentage of Population Over Ten Illiterate, Primary Sources: "Recommended by Hoar" William McKinley on Annexation Selection from the Treaty Debate Value of Manufactured Exports, Value of U.

Exports by Country of Destination, Primary Sources: A Victorian House A Craftsman Cottage Craftsman Home Interiors Gustav Stickley on the Craftsman Home Edward Bok on Simplicity Cover from The Bungalow Magazine The Efficient and Inefficient Homemaker Domestic Economy Double Bungalow Plan, Bowen Court. Female Servants by Regions, per 1, Families, Clerical Workers in the United States, by Sex, Secondary Source: Advertising the American Dream Listerine Advertisement Ford Motors Advertisement Kotex Advertisement Calvin Coolidge on the Economic Aspects of Advertising Earnest Elmo Calkins, Business the Civilizer

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Joseph, the son who remained at Braintree, was born in ; was at the time of the emigration of the family from England, a boy of eight years old, and died at the age of sixty-eight in , leaving ten children,—five sons and five daughters. It was proposed that the envoys should pay large sums of money to Talleyrand and two or three of the directors, as bribes, for dealing politely with the United States and refraining from locking up American ships and stealing American goods. Your abolition found a time that this j could also see. For this purpose the officers of the customs were instructed by an order of the royal council, to apply, in cases when they suspected articles of merchandize upon which the duties had not been paid, were concealed, to the justices of the Superior Courts, for writs of assistance , such as were sometimes issued from the Court of Exchequer in England, authorizing them to enter the houses and warehouses of the merchants, to detect the unlawfully imported goods. JOHN ADAMS, at the age of twenty-seven, attended as a member of the bar, the trial upon the writs of assistance, and witnessed the splendid exhibitions of genius and learning exerted in the cause of freedom by the pioneer of American Independence, James Otis. Petersburg to Paris with his mother in a private carriage, a difficult journey at that time, and not unattended with danger.